phase 1: 
Jacob Tekiela introduced the concept of the “Floskel-generators” based on the principle of “controlled chaos” at Aarhus University’s “Art and Technology” symposion on September 14th, 1993.

He has since exercised it in over 70 variations in art, animation and video installations. He represented Denmark in the interactive section at “Artgenda” in Stockholm 1998 and produced an education-campaign and commercial for Apple, hilighting the imperfections more phase 1

phase 2 – selected exhibits
2017 Wanderlost, Copenhagen; Denmark

2016 Cycle Festival for Music and Art, Iceland, an original concert by Jobina Tinnemans

2016 Spectra, Aberdeen, Scotland – EPOC headset controlled

2015 Entlighten Festival, Manchester with a brainwave-controlled generative installation

2015 Spectra, Aberdeen – Miss Fish Projections more later works