print graphics

Has since 1992 provided design and consulting for more than 300 print and campaigns.

selected clients
TV2, HP, LEGO, Apple, Arken, Deloitte, DIS/PLAY, Silicon Graphics, Danish Gymnasts, Koncern, The Chaos Pilots, DPU, Vitaviva, Empire Bio,  Design school Kolding, CELL, The Institute for Anthropology,  Secret Hotel, Danish Shareholders’ Association, The Planet, GODA, DUNST,  Millstone, Deloitte, Klassikerforeningen, g-force, Danish museum of Art and Design, Computermac, New Burlesque Festival, Warehouse 9,  Actebis, Aarhus Festival, The Minstry of Education, Nils Ryde,  Miss Fish, Barbara Wilson, Signe Krogh, Sidse Carstens and Suzanne Brøgger.