Category: generative

  • ethiopian fractal v2

    ethiopian fractal v2

    finally getting closer to the priciple – this time programmed in Snap!

  • VR

    Using VR to explore your sourrounding is a great way to emersively engaged in a whole new depth the collaborative aspects are also very inspiring!

  • Beetle Blocks

    Beetle Blocks

    a beetle can fly in 3D space and so can the Beetleblocks

  • processing


    Processing is javascript based and started in 2001 and is soon releasing it’s 4th edition for use on computers– has variants in various languages: python – js

  • Turtlestich


    Turtlestitch – Coded Embroidery built on Snap! – but utilizing formats suited for embroidery machines

  • snap!


    snap! is a great free tool with using a block-based interfacedeveloped and maintained by berkeley university the big brother of Scratch if you will

  • p5


    p5.js is an creative open-source framework bases on js for use in browers you can see an example above:

  • Floskel


    Floskel-generators Jacob Tekiela introduced the concept of the “Floskel-generators” based on the principle of “controlled chaos” at Aarhus University’s “Art and Technology” symposium on September 14th, 1993. He has since used it in over 70 variations in art, animation- and video installations. He represented Denmark at “Artgenda” in Stockholm 1998 and has used the method…

  • selected exhibits

    selected exhibits

    2021 – Puca Festival, Slane Castle, Ireland2019 – Bestiarium, Centrum Rzeźby Polskiej w Orońsku, Poland2017 – Wanderlost, Copenhagen, Denmark2017 – ROV II w. Jobina Tinnemans – Flux Festival, Hull, England2016 – Organs w. Miss Fish. – Transforces on Stage, Helsinki, Finland2016 – ROV I w. Jobina Tinnemans – Cycle Festival, Reykjawik, Island2016 – BAG II…